Friday, 5 September 2014

Meet the Teacher
subtitle: Headmaster meets parents & vise versa
September 5, 2014

This past week I have had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Primary and Elementary's  'Meet the Teacher' nights.  For me, this has been an absolute highlight of my initial experience in my role as Headmaster.  These night have really illuminated the fact that we are all on the same page.

My conversations with parents at the events have been filled with optimism and support.  I have left each event feeling energized and enthusiastic about the coming months and years!  To keep these words and sentiments to myself would seem like a little bit of a crime - so on this blog I thought I'd share a few of them with our community.

Here are some of your words:

On how you found Rundle College:

"Our friends have been sending their daughter to Rundle for years and we just had to come over and see what they have been talking about!  It has been a great experience for our son and we look forward to the coming years."

On our students: 

"You know what I love most about these schools, we've simply got great kids in this program!"

On returning to school after summer:

"As a parent, I tried not to take offence, but my son was actually excited to go back to school?!?"

On what Rundle really offers:

"I want my daughter to receive a well rounded education, I know Rundle will provide that for her."

On my choice of cheering for the Riders:

"It's okay that you cheer for the riders... secretly we do too."

On what really matters:

"Everyday my child comes home from Rundle, he has a smile on his face.  
Nothing else matters to me."

On the future of education:

"In a world of change, we need to offer an education that will prepare my son for a world that is changing faster than we can predict.  With small class sizes and outstanding educators, I am able to ensure I am providing my son with the best opportunity to be prepared for the world he is inheriting."

Upon leaving a teachers classroom:

"These teachers are just the best."

I am looking forward to the coming open houses and even more opportunities to connect and to discuss our shared 'Rundle Experience'. 

All the best,

Jason B. Rogers

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