Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Experience Rundle
"What does a Headmaster do?"
September 17, 2014

This past week I've been able sit back a little bit and reflect on my first month at work.  I have been assisted in this reflection by many of the students at our campuses.

Early this year I promised the teachers that prior to the end of October, I would visit each of their classrooms.  In an attempt to fulfill this promise, I visited about 20 of our Primary and Elementary classrooms at the College and the Academy.  At these visits the teacher has always graciously greeted me and welcomed me into their room.  After a brief introduction, I always ask the question, "Does anybody know 1) what is my job title (headmaster for those of you who are wondering) and 2) what does a 'headmaster' actually do?"  As is almost predictable - the responses have been spectacularly entertaining!

A few responses went a little bit like this:

"You look after all the kids in our school."

"You are the head hauncho ..."

"You make sure our hallways are clean."

"You are the principal of the principals."

"You are responsible for our milk program."

"You make sure the teachers are doing their jobs."

Aside from maybe the milk comment, the K-4 students were actually pretty close to the description our board of directors provided to me.  Needless to say, it has been a fascinating week of visiting our staff and students.  

This brings us today, the day that may well be the quintessential 'Headmaster' day of all days.  Here's a brief synopsis.

7:00 AM - Meeting with Mr. Clark - Elementary Principal 
8:00 AM - Supervising students arriving at the Elementary Program
9:00 AM -  Attending Rundle Social Meeting with parents and advancement (you can get your tickets here!)
11:00 AM - Meeting with Ross Glenn of RGO Furniture to discuss interior furnishings of our schools
12:30 PM - Attending the Opening Ceremonies of Spirit Day at the Junior High
1:00 PM - Enjoying lunch with some fantastic Senior High faculty
1:30 PM - Conversing with my CAIS Headmaster mentor, Paul Kitchen from Rothesay Netherwood School in New Brunswick 
2:00 PM - Attending  the Closing Ceremonies of Spirit Day
3:00 PM - Visiting with our Academy staff
4:00 PM - Viewing the Rundle College Cobras vs Rundle Academy Rockies Volleyball Game
5:30 PM - Answering e-mails, writing this blog and connecting with our community through Twitter

By no means is this list comprehensive or aimed to draw sympathy - this is a list to be celebrated!  Our schools are alive and vibrant with the Rundle Spirit!  Each and every time I turned around today I saw students making connections, I observed teachers building trusting relationships with students and I witnessed kind acts of giving.  

Really, when you think about it, being Headmaster is a dream position, as I am able to enjoy the successes the 'Rundle Experience' affords everybody inside our community.  If I was to answer the question, what does a Headmaster do... I'd have to say 'a headmaster creates a vision for our society; all the while sharing in the spirit and success of a program that is committed to excellence.' 

All the best,

Jason B. Rogers

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