Friday, 29 August 2014

Trust, Connection and Kindness
Headmaster's Message - Staff Opening
August 28, 2014

Yesterday I had the immense honour and privilege of addressing the outstanding faculty of Rundle College Society.  In true Rundle College form and fashion, we took some time to talk about our program's potential and to celebrate with our colleagues.  In particular, our community took the opportunity to salute Bob Foreman and Pietro Sarro for serving Rundle College for 20 Years!

Perhaps the most touching moment of the gathering was a standing ovation that was given to Mr. Dave Hauk as he officially stepped down from being our Headmaster.  Mr. Hauk has been a tremendous inspiration to all members of our community and his day to day contributions are going to be dearly missed.

Much of the inspiration for my closing comments came from the image of one hiker helping another up a cliff of a mountain.

For me, this image is really the embodiment of who Mr. Hauk has been for the Rundle College community.  Each person he has come into contact with has learned to Trust him to help them up when they needed it, he reached out to each of us and made the Connection you might feel as one hand grasps the other and every step of the way we all realized the Kindness of his being.

Given this inspiration, I put the challenge of trusting, connecting and being kind to our faculty.  Asking them what we can do on a daily basis to embody these characteristics and values.  Knowing the calibre of our staff, I have no doubt that they will live up to the challenge.

As we move forward, I will ask the same of our parents and students.  Rundle College Society is a strong team and will only become stronger as we consider these values in the coming year.

To close, I know our teachers are filled with optimism and enthusiasm.  We cannot wait to see our students on this coming Tuesday and we genuinely hope they are excited to see us too.

All the best,

Jason B. Rogers

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