Monday, 8 September 2014

Save the Small
subtitle: Is this what makes Rundle so special?
September 8, 2014

Last week I was driving between the Society Office and our Jr. Sr. High campus and I had my radio tuned into CBC.  Fortuantely during this very moment, The host of Q was just about to introduce a guest 'ranter' Torquil Campbell.  For those of you who do not know, Torquil is a member of the Montreal band, 'Stars.'  I was compelled by Torquil's words.  He speaks about trust and about the importance of 'taking care of the small in your life.'  If you have 4 minutes, give it a listen by following the link below.  I will refrain from editorializing too much, Torquil's eloquence speaks for itself.

As I was listening to Torquil's rant I reflected on why Rundle is so special.  Quickly, it became abundantly clear that our real strength is in the connected and trusting environment that can be established when classes are under 14 students and entire schools are under 250 in population.  It is that kind of place where 'everybody knows your name' and 'they are always glad you came.'  Rundle - from the top to the bottom - is committed to this philosophy.  Which brings me to this morning and more proof of the power of connection.

A wonderful parent of one of our Primary students brought in this basket and thanked me for my talk at the Meet the Teacher Night.  The basket and these apples are small, but they are a titanic symbol of being 'kinder than is necessary' and the importance of smallness.  I cannot imagine receiving such a kind gift if we were a large district or school division and if we did not connect with each other.

I am looking forward to the coming days and continuing to be a part of the kind, trusting and connected community that embodies the 'Rundle Experience'. 

All the best,

Jason B. Rogers

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