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Experience Rundle
"Headmaster's Monthly Update"

September 30, 2014
Dear Rundle Parents, 
It's hard to believe we have completed the first month of the school year. With the landmark of a month completed, I would like to welcome you to the first of my monthly updates. In these updates, I hope to celebrate a few things that have gone by, bring your attention to a few upcoming events, and share a little information and inspiration!
Coming Up:
Rundle College Social - October 18th
This is the night for the Rundle College community to gather in an effort to build a world class facility for Rundle's youngest students. With your support, the new school project will accomplish the vision of bringing our College programs together at the 17th Avenue Campus. 

Many parents and volunteers have been working hard to make this a night to remember, while celebrating Rundle's past successes and future opportunities.  There will be live music, food, libations, silent and live auctions!  Follow these links to see a just couple of the spectacular items that will be auctioned off:
Mr. Hauk and I will also be providing some up-to-the-minute updates on the building project you will not want to miss!
If you are interested in contributing your time, sponsorship or other support, please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Tecklenburg

Looking Back:
Friday Night Lights
A big congratulations to the entire team at Rundle College Jr. Sr. High for a heartfelt effort!  The Prefects organized and entertained us, the community rallied in support, and the athletes played with true grit! Even though it was cold in the stands, our hearts were warm. I wish the boys and their coaches a successful season.
Parents In Support of Literacy
Last week I stopped by the Primary and happened upon a group of five dedicated parents working hard to organize a beautification project in the  library.  This small group of parents exemplifies the big hearts, hard work and support that all our parents give behind the scenes! Thank you to all the parents who have given their time to help improve our programs!  

Heads Up - Experience Rundle:
As I had mentioned at our 'Meet the Teacher' events, our focuses for this year are: 
  • Trust
  • Connection
  • Being Kinder Than is Necessary 
Below is an inspirational video touching on the topic of connection. In addition, each month I will attempt to add some items that are topical and relevant in the world of educational research - this month's topic is classroom design.
Even though much of this is not applicable to Rundle's students, I really appreciate the moments where ​Rita F. Pierson speaks about connection.  I hope some of it resonates with you as well!
On our minds & in the news:
Classroom design is a topic of interest for teachers, parents and students alike. Recently in the Harvard Education Letter there was a great article on the topic titled "From 'Cells and Bells' to Learning Communities" by Prakash Nair and last week the ASCD Journal published this article.  Further information on the topic can be found in the landmark publication: The Third Teacher by OWP/P Architects, VS Furniture and Bruce Mau Design. It's important to note that Rundle is not one to jump behind trends and we always keep the individual student in mind. The purpose of the deep research on this topic is to ensure that when we move our Primary/Elementary Campus, we are considering our rich tradition and also planning for the future!

All the best,​
Headmaster, Rundle College Society
"Attention to Excellence"

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