Sunday, 26 November 2017

Head's Up - November Edition

Head's Up - Your Monthly Update From The Headmaster
Dear Rundle Community:

As November has come and gone, we have shared an experience of remembering the past and looking to the future. This month, we’ll use the theme of, “Looking Back, Moving Forward,” to frame the Head’s Up communication.

Jason B. Rogers
In this edition of the Head’s Up, you will find:

Looking Back:
  • Remembrance Day Ceremonies
  • CAIS Accreditation
  • School Newsletters
  • “The Cottage That Became a Campus”  Second Edition
Moving Forward:
  • Strategic Plan
  • Giving Tuesday - In support of the Rundle Bursary Program
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • On The Shelf
Looking Back:

Remembrance Day Ceremonies:
I would like to congratulate everybody in our community for the spectacular Remembrance Day Ceremonies that were hosted at each of our schools. There is no question that our entire community takes pause and deep consideration on this important day of remembrance. A special thank you to the many school groups who took part and to our special guest speakers.
CAIS Accreditation:
At the onset of November, Rundle College Society underwent the most comprehensive accreditation in the history of our organization. Over the course of four days, there were 14 leaders from CAIS in our schools. During these days, they had the chance to speak to every staff member and members of our parent, student, board and alumni community. The time can probably be characterized as an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding programming Rundle is able to provide.

One of the highlights of the process for me was seeing our Alumni return. Several Rundle College & Academy alumni were back and shared their thoughts about their experience while at Rundle now that they have moved on. The moments were filled with tears of joy and much laughter. It was inspiring to hear about their stories of success beyond our walls!

In the coming months, we look forward to hearing back from the committee on their findings.
School Newsletters:
This past month, each of our campuses has created their regular school newsletter. As a community, we continue to look for insight on how to best communicate and celebrate, and to this end, we are interested in your feedback on these documents. Please take time to give them a read, enjoy the contents and reflect on their impact and utility. In the coming months we will be circulating a survey to derive some insight on how effective our communication strategies are. We appreciate your insight and continue to aim to keep you well informed of the goings on of Rundle College Society.

The Cottage that became a Campus, 2nd Edition:
Today is the launch of the second edition of Dr. Conklin’s book, “The Cottage That Became a Campus.”  This is a insightful andinspiring look at the history of Rundle College Society through the eyes of one of our founders. If you are interested in purchasing a copy
, feel free to connect with us at

Hint, hint… I’m pretty sure there’s not a child in Rundle College that would not value one of these under the Christmas tree this year! Get your copy before they’re all gone!
Moving Forward:

Strategic Plan
Keep your eye on your home mailbox in the coming weeks. This year, inside your copy of your Annual Report, you’ll find the hard copy of our strategic plan. We look forward to continuing to engage our community in the pursuit of our aspirations. I look forward to hearing any feedback or thoughts you may have.
Giving Tuesday:
In Support of the Rundle College Bursary Fund

This coming Tuesday, we hope to inspire our community to support one another through a gift to our Bursary Fund. Each year, dozens of families in our community receive support through this fund and as result, their kids are able to continue to enjoy the Rundle Experience. I thank you in advance for supporting this important cause.
Holiday Celebrations
I can hardly wait for the opportunity to connect with our community over the holiday season. This is a wonderful time to come together and share the gifts of gratitude with one another. From a Rundle College Society standpoint, let me be the first to thank you for your ongoing support of our program and your children. As a community, we feel blessed to have the privilege of  working alongside you to develop young men and women of fine moral character.  

I wish you all the best in this holiday season. I hope your days are filled with friends, family, love and laughter.
Important Upcoming Dates:

Please be sure to refer back to your school’s weekly update for all upcoming school events.
On The Shelf:

“The Cottage that became a Campus,” 2nd Edition by Dr. Conklin

“The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower learning, unleash talent and lead a culture of creativity” by George Couros

Video that nicely articulates the “Be Curious” Value: Jane Goodall Video- Curiosity

“How We’re Smart” - Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Head’s Up” The Podcast - Feature Interview is with Ms. Shannon Harte

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