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Head's Up - October 2017 Edition

Head's Up - Your Monthly Update From The Headmaster
Dear Rundle Community:

The month of October has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As we recap the last thirty days, I thought it may be interesting to look at what’s been going on through the lens of our values, “Together: Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Well.”

Jason B. Rogers
In this edition of the Head’s Up, you will find: 
  • Together: Literacy Week is in full swing at the Collett School
  • Be Kind: Volunteering with Dementia Friendly Communities
  • Be Curious: IDEO visits Rundle Academy
  • Be Well: Emotional Wellness
  • Living Our Values: The Headmaster’s List
  • On The Shelf

It is easy to get excited about literacy when you see the bevy of great parent volunteers in our learning commons and hallways, when you see great guest readers such as David Bouchard and Will Ferguson and you see enthusiastic principals like Mr. Clark and Ms. Danis!

Thank you to all who have made this reading initiative such a tremendous success.
Be Kind:

Rundle College has partnered with Dementia-Friendly Communities and all four of our divisions are actively engaged with clients from Wentworth Manor. Some of the many activities have included classroom visits to the care facility, invitations to special ceremonies and teas at our various campuses, and student volunteers helping with community projects such as a Memory Cafe to educate others on how those living with dementia can still live well. ~ contributed by Ms. Ross.
Be Curious:

Rundle Academy was fortunate to welcome a team from IDEO to work with students, parents, and staff to envision what the future of the Rundle Academy program could look like. Through their facilitation, using human-centered design, the group inspired generative conversations and reinforced many of the amazing facets currently ingrained in the Academy program. As we move forward, we are excited to continue talking about creative spaces, supporting student learning and maintaining the amazing community that characterizes the school. ~ contributed by Mr. van der Meer.
Be Well: 

Rundle College Society has initiated an Emotional Wellness Task Force led by the school counsellor Ms. Danelle Spence. The mission of this task force is to promote wellness, identify the stressors of the student body, and provide resources for the Rundle Community to promote a reduction in anxiety-based concerns. In connection with community partners, Danelle kicked off this initiative by speaking to 700 parents as part of a Girl Power Hour, organized by a local foundation that strives to empower adolescent girls and young women to achieve strong mental health and well-being.
The Headmaster’s List - Living Our Values

We are excited to announce the creation and implementation of a new student distinction at Rundle College Society; The Headmaster’s List.  The Headmaster’s List will serve to celebrate those students who embody our school’s mission, vision and values.

The recipients of this distinction will have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement in conjunction with togetherness, kindness, curiosity and wellness.  The dream is that the Headmaster’s List will become the top honour for all of our students as it is a true articulation of the renaissance learner who will ultimately graduate from our Rundle College Society programs.

There will be more information coming home from your school’s principals with respect to each school/division’s process and criteria for attaining placement on this list.
Head’s Up - The Podcast
New episodes include:
  • Madeline Warme - Grade 12 Student, Prefect and Ascent Leadership Candidate
  • Faculty Interviews: Danelle Spence, Nicole Jordan and Taryn Knorren
  • Rundle’s Australian Exchange Students
  • IDEO and the Academy Design Process
  • Talking Heads - Interviews with Heads of School from across Canada  
If you are interested in giving it a listen, go to the Apple Podcast Store and search, “Head’s Up” (include the apostrophe) and you will see this image pop up.  Feel free to give it a listen and provide me with any feedback you might have. 
Important Upcoming Dates:

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