Sunday, 18 June 2017

Rundle College Awards Night
June 14, 2017
It’s nights like these - nights where we come together to celebrate the success of our students that are so necessary to lift our spirits, to further reinforce our belief in the mission of Rundle College Society and to remind us of what success looks like.  Whoa - hold on a minute - did you catch that last point, because as I speak it, it actually gave me pause.  
I’m left with the dangling question - what does success look like?

To be honest, students, parents and faculty of Rundle College, I have to admit I’m a little conflicted when attempting to answer this question these days.
  1. I know success looks like the students who sit in front of me - those who won awards for academics, for their character and for the overall well rounded achievement.   And for this, I applaud each and every one of you - congratulations!

  1. That said, I also know that success may be bigger than a medal, a plaque or a speech.  Earlier this week an article was circulated to me referencing a 75 year research study that has just concluded at Harvard University.  The longitudinal study was looking for the answer to this question, “what is the secret to leading a fulfilling life.”  
    1. Here’s what they found:
      1. “The clearest message that we get from this research is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”
      2. The findings go onto say: “It’s not just the number of friends you have… it is the quality of the close relationships that matters.”
      3. Finally, and I might like this part the best, when speaking of quality relationships and the essence of those relationships, the study says, “[the quality of our relationships depend on] how much vulnerability and depth exists in them; how safe you feel sharing with one another; the extent to which you can relax and be seen for who you truly are, and to truly see another.”

So in the spirit of the values of our Rundle community and the findings of true fulfillment.  Students, I implore you to
Come together:
Be Kind to One Another,
Always Be Curious  
and, more than anything,
Be well.  
To be well, you will need to continue to build strong and deep relationships.  
For the Grade 7-8 students - I can simply say - I can’t wait to see you in next years of junior high.  You will soon have the responsibility of leading the junior high into another year filled with growth, learning and laughter.

For our Grade 9 students - please take what you’ve achieved in your junior high years and use the skills and knowledge as a springboard to your important high school years.  The coming three years will be filled with challenges and hard work, but rest assured it is all worth it in the end.  About this time of year, three years from now, each of you will be planning to enter the post secondary institution of your choice.  The journey to that destination officially begins for you in two months.  

Thank you:

  • Entire faculty here at Rundle College - your commitment to each other and your students is unrivaled

  • Parent community - thank you for your ongoing support of all things Rundle.  We have built a ‘one of a kind’ school culture and it has been a team effort.  Your participation in this positive and safe community is not overlooked.

  • Student body - for making Rundle such a great place to work and learn.  

Thank you - and good night.

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