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Heads Up
March 1, 2017

The Rundle Experience
It's the dawn of a new day.  Rundle's youngest students put on their fresh new uniforms, dawn their new Rundle mittens, slip their backpacks on and head to school.

Upon arriving, they are greeted by their teacher at the front door - their day together has officially begun. 

In the morning, they learn how to read, write and perform the basics of math.  They make friends, share adventures and explore the values of kindness, curiosity and wellness.

As mid-morning approaches, recess is upon the students. On the playground, our students learn by falling down and picking themselves back up.  A series of non-catastrophic failures shapes them as resilient and resourceful individuals prepared for the next stages of their learning.

After recess, the students start to develop a better sense of their individual passions in learning.  They complete science fair projects and STEM competitions; they participate in recreational team sports for the first time; and they celebrate cultural events.  In these hours, students also learn about acceptance and diversity.

Lunch arrives all too quickly, and students are officially halfway done their learning journey.  They have graduated from the elementary phases of their learning into a whole new world of adolescence.  The world of clubs, organized team sports, rotating classes and lockers gives them a new sense of independence. 

Character development is now overtly central to their overall development and success.  They are finding their voices and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

The afternoon seems to pass in a blink. These students have gone from playing with toys to building them. Their minds are inspired and their character is unparalleled.  Each student cheers on the other and celebrates their uniqueness.

Before we know it, those children who were just dawning their new mittens  are all grown up. As they prepare to cross the stage, we sit back and wonder where the day has gone.  

The one treasure we can be sure of is that this journey from morning to night, from childhood to adulthood, from beginning reader to critical thinker, is one to be appreciated and enjoyed. 


On the heels of some of the busiest days for our senior students, I would like to congratulate our Academy and College Grade 11 and 12 students on their spectacular demonstration of learning. This past January, our senior students wrote their diploma exams with poise and confidence. Their achievement is unparalleled. Congratulations to one and all.

Well beyond 95% of our Grade 12s from the Academy and College have already gained acceptance to one or more universities. Congratulations to each of them on their hard work! Last year’s Grade 12s received nearly $500,000 in scholarships. We anticipate we’ll see a similar number this year.

More than anything - we’ve worked together to  graduate happy and well rounded students whose grades are impressive - but the  least impressive thing about them.

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