Friday, 14 November 2014

"From Our Family To Yours"
What makes the Rundle Experience so unique?

November 14, 2014

With each passing week, I am in continual search of the answer to:

"What makes the Rundle Experience so unique?"

After plenty of reflection this week, I would choose to believe the answer is simply: family.

Over the past 7 days there were more than a few spectacular manifestations of the Rundle Family Experience and I'd love to briefly share a couple of them here.

Sandwich for a Story

Today I received a call from Evan Beck ('12).  Evan was calling me from Queens University, where he is currently studying Political Science, to speak about a project that he and Sam Sawchuk ('12) have been working on together.  This is not the kind of project you might expect a couple 20 year olds to be working on. The project of mention is called, "A Sandwich for a Story" and as nothing to do with university - it is best described as an empathy project.  A great overview of their work was recently captured on CTV News.  

When speaking with Evan, I had two questions for him: 1) What was the inspiration for this project/organization/action? 2) How can Rundle help their cause?  In summary, his response to the first question was that his father inspired him to instigate an empathy project.  He reflected on an experience he had in Victoria, BC one year over Christmas holidays.  When he was just 12 years old, his dad encouraged him and his sister to distribute sandwiches to people who were less fortunate they they were.  This small act of kindness and compassion has inspired Evan, and now Sam, to instigate their "Sandwich for a Story Project."

As for the answer to the second question - I've offered to buy Evan and Sam a 'sandwich for their story!'  When they arrive back in Calgary from their studies, we will get together and see we can create a synergy between their project and ours.

When thinking back to the theme of this week's blog, it is family that has created the conditions that allow them to go forward and make our world a better place.  We are proud to have Evan and Sam as members of our alumni family and look forward to seeing them back at Rundle on December 11th at our Volunteer Day.

Coming Together To Learn

If you've ever wondered what happens during those mysterious PD Days - here's some insight.  On November 10th we brought together all 150+ Rundle College Society employees and learned from each other.  We were graced with presentations on the latest in Brain Research by Ms. Mann, Critical Thinking by Mrs. Kim, Google Applications by Mrs. Armstrong and The Importance of Co-Curriculars by Mr. Domstad (to name only a few).  

Along with these spectacular presentations, we took a little bit of time to 'Know Your Neighbour' when Mr. Sylven gave his principal's inspiration.  Mr. Sylven artfully guided us through the principles of silo vs. system thinking.  These exercises are critical to our organization as we move closer to coming together at 17th Avenue.

Finally, we came together to do a craft, how 'family' of us! A big thank you goes out to our Fine Arts Department who assisted us in our cooperative painting project.

Can you guess what the finished product will be?

A Shared Family Experience

Without getting into too many details here, I was struck by our community's ability to come together in times of loss and celebration.  During this short week we have found time to remember those who have passed, we have celebrated a new citizen of Canada, we have welcomed new ones to the world and have toasted engagements (that's right, engagements is plural).  

It is these authentic moments and shared experiences, whether they are with our faculty, our alumni, students or families, that make Rundle really feel like it is a very special place to work, learn and live.  In fact, earlier this week someone asked me if I liked my job and without hesitation I responded with, 

"Rundle is the best place in the world to work and learn."

As it came out it felt so right, that I know it must be true.

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Jason B. Rogers
Headmaster, Rundle College Society

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