Monday, 9 June 2014

What makes up that feeling?

Principal Update - June Newsletter

Recently at the Academy Awards I had the opportunity to share a few closing words with those in attendance.  These short comments sought to answer the question, “What is it about the Academy that makes people ‘feel’ as though they are in a safe and caring environment.”  My modest attempt to define this feeling included 3 key items:  Community, Culture and Faith.

‘Community’ can be defined as those moments when we come together and share our successes.  The Academy Awards Day is just one example; others include Moves Mountains Breakfast, School Rallies, PAC Meetings and Graduations!  Our students and staff support each other in these endeavours and this is, in many ways, unique.  You will see students and staff cheering for each other, even when they themselves are not the winners!

A ‘Culture of Caring’ permeates all we do here at the Academy.  This culture can be observed in our classrooms, in our hallways, on our stages and on the playing fields.  It starts with the staff, continues on with the parents and ends with the students.  Each member of our community understands what it means to be kind and they live this virtue each and every day.

Finally, we have a ‘Faith in each other’ and the program and ultimately, we all believe that Moving Mountains is possible.  It is this belief that allows our students to break down stigma and perceived barriers and succeed beyond even their own expectations!

We have had a fantastic year here at Rundle Academy. Through athletics, fine arts and leadership this was a year that embodies the spirit of Community, Culture and Faith.  This year’s athletic highlights were city championships, league championships and record rates of participation.  Many of the real victories were not ones marked by medals or banners but by those students who have reached outside their comfort zone.  In the arts we had one spectacle after another.  From Music Monday to Oz, our students dazzled us with their unparalleled creativity!  Finally, our students found many ways to give back through volunteerism.  Groups such as Kids Helping Kids and initiatives like the Duke of Edinburgh Program and Volunteer Day had each student in the building thinking about leadership and how to give back!

To conclude, a big thank you to all people in our community who have made this our best year yet!

Have a wonderful summer that is filled with family, fun, rest and relaxation.
Jason Rogers

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