Wednesday, 7 October 2015

"What does the 'Experience Rundle' really mean?"
Resiliency, Renaissance & Passion

October 8, 2015

Recently, I was given the opportunity to speak with the parents of our Grade 7 students at our 'Grade 7 Parent Wine and Cheese.'  To frame the conversation, I thought it might be interesting to discuss what we really mean when we say.... 

"Welcome to the Rundle Experience: 

When your child graduates from Rundle, their grades will be impressive, 
however they will be the least impressive thing about them."

For the parents of our Grade 7 students, I thought I would frame it around 3 key components of the Rundle College program; resiliency, renaissance and passion.


Failing forward, non-catastrophic failures, growth mindset, grit or resiliency... however you choose to phrase it they mean generally the same thing.  At their core, they mean that when you fail, it is invariably a learning experience.  If we enter and exit this failure with a mindset that we will recover and be stronger the next time we face a challenge, we will always be making positive strides.  

Further to this point, I personally believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give to our students, particularity as they navigate their junior high years, is the ability to bounce back after a challenging time.  


One great thing about the Rundle College & Academy programs is the variety of opportunities we are able to offer and that students are able to get involved in.  Whether students are interested in intellectual clubs (maker spaces, speech, debate, writing), athletics (over 40 unique teams), arts (dozens of productions, bands and visual arts opportunities) or service (trips, volunteer days, service clubs) - there is something our students can get involved in.  Even more importantly is that we are a small school and we encourage students to try things they may have not tried before.  

In turn, encouraging our students to take chances and get involved was a significant part of the overall message to our parents.  The Rundle Experience is abundant with opportunities to use all parts of your brain, body and spirit and we hope our students take us up on this offer!


Finally, due to the broad approach to experience and excellence, we want our students to find their individual passions.  Finding these passions does not happen overnight.... and not even over the course of a Grade 7 year.  

We believe that these passions only start to present themselves after challenging ones' self, taking risks, succeeding, failing, being curious and exploring.  As our students move throughout our program we encourage them to develop their personal identity and channel it towards excellence in their lives outside of Rundle.

Through the hard work of all members of our community, I am sure we'll continue to graduate the finest young men and women of character!


Jason B. Rogers
Headmaster, Rundle College Society

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